South Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition

Opinions of the exhibitors of ShymkentBuild 2016

Vyacheslav Verbonol, Director of Sales, “Kamsk Concrete Plants”:

- Our company is engaged in manufacture and supply of concrete mixing equipment. We have been cooperating with many enterprises of the construction industry of Kazakhstan for several years and participate in exhibitions quite often. In particular, we are a regular exhibitor at KazBuild Exhibition. This year we arrived to Shymkent for the first time. We were interested in participating in the exhibition. During the two days of exhibition our stand was visited by more than fifty interested potential customers. At the Exhibition we have concluded no contracts, but discussed the possible ways of cooperation. We see great prospects for the development of the region. We consider it appropriate to participate in this exhibition. On the whole, we are satisfied with our participation and are planning to take part next year.

Beknur Beisembaev, “Alta Profil Shymkent”:

- Summing up these two days we see that many are interested in our products, we receive calls from customers, i.e., the fruitful result is obvious. Our stand had visitors from Turkmenistan and from Almaty and Astana.

Zhanat Sharishev, Sales Manager, “ALIT”:

- We specialize in the sales of dry mixes. There were a lot of visitors. We came here to have the results, I think we got them and reached our goals.

Fakhritdin Kurbanbayev, Director, “DECO STONE”:

- The exhibition is very useful, we have already found new partners. We are planning to work with the new distributors. Our stand was visited by the specialists from Aktau, Atyrau, Aktobe and Shymkent. We hope for further fruitful cooperation with the potential new partners.

Aleksandr Zuyev, Trading Company “Omega Mera”:

- We are engaged in printing on glass and on any hard surface. The first day was very busy with a lot of visitors. The Exhibition is very interesting. There were visitors from the regions and other nearby countries. After this exhibition, we have an idea to open a branch in Shymkent. Everything is fine; we are satisfied.

Adilkhan Dzhunussov, Sales Representative for South region of the RK, “Ariston Thermo S.P.A”:

- During the three days on the exhibition platform we met our partners, saw many technologies presented. We give positive assessment of the Exhibition. There were a lot of new companies, and also visitors from Kyzylorda, Taraz, as well as other nearby countries.

Arman Sabyrbayev, Quality Engineer, “ALMA GRAD REAL ESTATE” LLP:

- We enjoyed the Exhibition very much; everything is well organized. At the moment we are satisfied with the results. During the Exhibition we signed an agreement. We hope for further contracts. We are planning to be engaged in the construction of houses in Shymkent. Many visitors came to our stand with a goal in mind, and we were pleasantly surprised. It was easy to work with them. In addition to visitors from Shymkent the companies from Almaty and Karaganda visited us; and also we had interesting offers from foreign companies.

Duman Smakov, Regional Representative of “KazPlast / Bekem Plast”:

- I think that the Exhibition is very useful and essential. We got a lot of new useful contacts, as well as new contracts regarding the delivery of products to the South region. There were many visitors. We spoke with the representatives of the companies from Karaganda, Aktau, Atyrau, Kyzylorda and Taraz, who learned our products, and that is very important for further cooperation.

Baurzhan Makhamedyarov, Manager, “LIT Kazakhstan”:

- The Exhibition has been very fruitful for us. There were many new companies. We see that the construction companies show interest in our products. We look forward to further cooperation with the new potential customers, and hope to participate next year.

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