South Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition

Lifts and elevators of the South Korean quality at the ShymkentBuild exhibition

TOSHAFUS, Uzbekistan and Korean joint venture, launched production of lifts in 2013, in Tashkent city, Republic of Uzbekistan. Lifts assembling is performed under original Korean technology. Major parts such as control block and security hosts are imported from South Korea.

ToshavusLift Logo HQ 01TOSHAFUS products are designed for installation in the dwelling houses, public and administrative buildings. The Company produces lifts with a machine room and without a machine room. All lifts are earthquake-resistant.

Engineers of the company pass regular training and retraining from their Korean partners. Based on the customer's requirements it is possible to develop a design and technical drawings of any complexity and structure.


At the moment about 1200 units of lifts are installed in different facilities.

TOSHAFUS produces the following types of lifts:

• Passenger
• Hospital
• Cargo
• Kitchen

Visit Toshafus stand at the ShymkentBuild Exhibition on March, 13-15.
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