South Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition

Polymer sand rings, maintenance holes, paving flags, fence post caps

Akron Polymer LLC is a producer of polymer sand rings (well rings, maintenance holes, paving flags). Akron Polymer Company is widely represented in trade companies of Russia and CIS countries.

At the ShymkentBuild Exhibition Akron Polymer will demonstrate:

1. Polymer sand well rings with a diameter of 1,000mm and 750mm, applied in the construction of septic tanks and inspection shafts.
2. Polymer sand maintenance holes with capacity from 1.5 tones up to 25 tones.
3. Polymer sand paving flags 33cm*33cm.
4. Polymer sand fence post caps 38cm*38cm.

photo news Arkon SHB 1

photo news Arkon SHB 2

photo news Arkon SHB 3






Visit Akron Polymer stand at the ShymkentBuild Exhibition on March, 13-15.
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