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House painter’s and plastering tools, tile leveling system under DECOR brand

Over 25 years of its existence on the market, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier, trusted by thousands of customers. The company not only sells, but also produces plastering and painting products in modern production facilities.

mailrusigimg MQPMvCZEThe company is engaged in the production of painting and plastering tools, steadily increasing its presence on the market of Russia and the CIS countries, as well as increasing the share of manufactured goods relative to the share of imports.

  • Painting tools - painting rollers, brushes, plastic items
  • Plastering tools - needle rollers, pallets
  • Floor tile leveling system, crosses, feathers

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Painting rollers - historically first production of ‘Namereniye’ plant was started in 1998 with production of rollers.

The quality of rollers is ensured by the use of quality raw materials. The production process is also controlled on all stages. All production lines are equipped with modern production equipment. The plant itself produces all plastic details and performs the whole production process.


The design engineering department of the company is engaged in improving the design of the rollers:

  • ergonomic handles fit comfortably in your hand (in professional series we make a two-component rubberized handle);
  • the roller can be mounted on containers using the handle;
  • the collet tightly holds the roller on the clasp and keeps it from falling off when shaking off;
  • the clasp is made of 6 and 8 mm wire and coated with two layers of zinc.

Rollers of various series are applied to different types of paints and varnishes. Series are divided by different price categories. Some series are designed for professional use.

Rollers can be used with various types of paintings depending on fabric used. Rollers are proper:

  • for water and water-dispersible paints;
  • for oil paints;
  • for alkyd paints;
  • for acrylic paints.

Rollers with velour are suitable for applying all types of varnishes.

The ‘Namereniye’ plant manufactures products in Russia using the thermofusion technology - the technology of applying fabric to a molten plastic base. The material holds better than a glue-based material.

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Paintbrushes is one of the main groups of house painter’s tools. The ‘Namereniye’ plant sells the house paintbrushes in bulk. Today, it offers a range of brushes in the most demanded groups: 

  • flat brushes: for water-based and acrylic paints, varnishes, for wood impregnation and other;
  • radiator brushes;
  • round brushes;
  • glue brushes and brushes for varnishes.

All brushes are made of quality materials: natural and mixed bristles. Bristles in metal rim. Wooden or plastic handles. Over 25 types of brushes in various sizes.


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The tile leveling system is used to level the surface in a plane when laying ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles both on the floor and on the walls.

The tile leveling system consists of two details: a clip and a wedge.

Clip is a single use item;

Wedge is a multiple use item.

All products have company’s logo applied.


Accompanying goods: for tile - crosses and wedges, rules, and tents. Baths of various colors and sizes. Accompanying goods and accessories help to satisfy the needs of the most strict buyer.

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