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Local manufacturer and supplier of construction materials on Kazakhstani market - Mansurov Trading House

Asbestos-cement (chrysotile cement) pipes, roofing material, laminate substrate, PVC window sills

untitledOwn production under the following brands:

TDM - Mansurov Trading House (pipes, roofing material, substrate)
Ideal Plast - Ideal Plast (mouldings, PVC window sills)

IMG 0692 2Mansurov Trading House has its own production of asbestos-cement pipes, a cardboard and rubberoid factory for the production of laminate substrate, as well as an Ideal-Stroy-Invest LLP JV for the manufacture of PVC window-sills.








Asbestos-cement (Chrysotile cement) pipes and couplings are a high-tech durable material intended for the construction of engineering communications of pressure and non-pressure type, buildings and objects. The company offers to supply asbestos-cement pipes with a length of 3.95 meters and a bore of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, as well as o-rings, asbestos-cement couplings for asbestos-cement pipes. According to GOST 31416-2009.

WhatsApp Image 2019 12 11 at 11.27.351Rubberoid - rolled material, which is designed for waterproofing roofs, foundations and basements. It is made of own-produced roofing cardboard, impregnated with bitumen on all sides and sprinkled with talc, asbestos or other material.

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Laminate substrate is an insulating layer that is used when laying the floor covering on the subfloor, which performs a shock-absorbing and protective function.


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