South Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition

Soon at the markets of Kazakhstan! Roman tile

Profile: classic Roman tile

The tile originated in Rome – it was the Romans that have brought this material to people, and they brought the so-called profile named the Roman tile. The Roman tile features channelled shape and upper hemispheric small tiles covering the butts of the lower tiles. The lines of the Roman tiles divide the roof into many direct channels passing from the ridge to the eave. The rain water is collected into these channels and removed from the roof in the shortest time.


Lifetime is more than 35 years.

The natural fibre get into the cement matrix and form strong molecular ties. These ties provide unique strength properties to the tile. Over the years the strength of the reinforced fibre- cement stone merely increases. It is the factor that guarantees the exceptionally long lifetime. Many roofs have been serving their owners for more than 50-60 years.

Five basic and ten additional colours are always present at the market.

The tiles of five basic colours are always available at the warehouses of the company and distributors: green, red, brown, terracotta, grey, and ten additional colours.

It has perfect corrosion resistance.

Due to the absence of any metal components in the tile it is absolutely corrosion-resistant. Fibre-cement stone is an amorphous material – is not subject to destructive action of atmosphere and anthropogenic factors.

Improved noise resistance.

Chrysotile cement is a perfect acoustic insulation material due to the non-resonant structure of its sheet. By changing the parameters and proportion of the main components mixture towards increasing the resulting strength we have reached a significant improvement in noise-proof properties of the New slate. Be sure that even the heaviest rain will not disturb your comfort.

High wind and snow resistance.

Roman tile has passed the tests in climate test chambers and real-life conditions in the wide range of latitudes, it's highly appraised in terms of the number of cycles of freezing and thawing, equal to 25, pertaining its physical properties in full.

The basic sheet thickness is optimum for pertaining the limit bend strength under the pressure up to 17 MPa (170 kg/cm2) providing high strength properties during heavy snowfalls and the necessary stability of the roofing system under harsh winds.


The highest heat- and power-saving properties

Fibre cement heat transmission capacity is 140 times (!) lower than that of steel, therefore, the houses covered with the tile, save more warmth in cold weather and prevent the room from overheating in hot weather.

You can see the products of Tectum Engineering LLC at the ShymkentBuild 2015 exhibition on 11-13 of March, 2015 in the city Shynmkent, Municipal Institution "Vystavochniy Tsentr".

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