South Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition

Polymer piping systems t.m. "BLUE OCEAN" from Goluboy Okean Almaty LLC at the exhibition of ShymkentBuild, March, 11-13, 2015

Blue Ocean polypropylene random copolymer (PPR type 3) piping systems are perfectly suited for use in civil and industrial construction of hot and cold water supply systems inside buildings, for supply and transportation of potable water, under floor heating, various heating systems, local and central air conditioning systems. Blue Ocean piping systems can also be used for transportation of aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis etc.)

Blue Ocean products trade and production mark has become a famous brand, symbolizing quality, reliability, affordable price and aesthetic properties of the high-quality products accepted all over the world. The company suggests a wide range of products. Our constantly expanding product range is aimed at satisfying any requirements.

The following range of Blue Ocean PPR system products will be presented at the ShymkentBuild exhibition:

  • PPR pipes for cold and hot water supply for pressure of PN10 to PN20, diameter 16 through to 160 mm.
  • Multilayer aluminium-polymer pipes with external welded layer for hot water supply and heating systems for pressure of PN25, diameter 20 through to 110 mm.
  • Polymer composite pipes with the middle layer of glass fibre composition for cold and hot water supply and for heating systems for pressure of PN16 to PN25, diameter 20 through to 160 mm.
  • Thermoresistant high-durability polyethylene pipes for water-based under floor heating systems, diameter 16 through to 20 mm.
  • PPR fittings and PPR fittings with metal joint couplings and cap nuts, diameter 16 through to 160 mm.
  • PPR ball valves and straight stop valves.
  • Mounting clamps for PPR pipes and fittings.
  • Cutting tools and welding equipment for PPR pipes and fittings welding.
  • Press- and push-fittings, manufactured of special polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) polymer for potable water supply and heating systems, diameter 16 through to 25 mm.
  • Aluminium and bimetal cast section heating radiators and accessories of Sea Star series.

Blue Ocean products undergo thorough control and inspection. All the PPR pipes and fittings are manufactured in compliance with the international standard ISO: EN ISO/TS 15874:2004, German standard DIN 8077-8078, RF standard GOST R 52134-2004 and Kazakhstan SES registration certificate No. KZ16.01.97.019.E.011090.05.11. The products are tested and have international certificates SKZ A 528 and SKZ A 529.

More detailed information about the products can be received at the stand of the company Goluboy Okean Almaty LLC, municipal institution "Vystavochniy Tsentr", Shymkent, March, 11-13, 2015.

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