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In December, 2014 Stepnogorsk Pipe Plant Arystan LLC started to manufacture Korsis ARM pipe

In December, 2014 Stepnogorsk Pipe Plant Arystan LLC started to manufacture Korsis ARM pipe.


Korsis ARM pipe is a new generation of double-walled corrugated pipes having their main application in the underground systems of public and storm sewage systems. The principal distinctive feature from the traditional corrugated pipes is the multilayer structure:

  • The internal wall of the pipe is smooth, manufactured of polyethylene
  • The medium layer of steel together with the external layer of polyethylene form the external corrugated wall of the pipe.
  • A polyethylene coating is also applied on the steel layer of the internal side.

The strength of the layer joining is provided at high technology level. The steel layer is enclosed into the polyethylene shell, thus, the corrosion problem is completely eliminated. Due to the steel corrugated layer the ring hardness increases significantly and the weight of the pipe decreases.

The pipe is manufactured in the following diameters (DN/ID):
800; 1000; 1200; 1400; 1500; 1600; 1800; 2000; 2200 and 2400 mm.

Ring hardness: the Korsis ARM pipes are manufactured with the design ring hardness within the range of 8-24 kN/sq. m under agreement with the customer.

The pipes of the diameter 800-1400 mm are manufactured in sections up to 13 m length, the pipes of 1500-2400 mm - in sections up to 6.5 m length.

Heat shrink sleeve pipe joint: welders attestation – the joined pipe sections are fixed together on the outside with heat shrink sleeves. To provide the piping tightness internal welding using the manual weld extruder is necessary.

Besides, the following products will be presented at the exhibition:

  • polyethylene pipes for water supply, 20 through to 1200 mm. SDR: 26 through to 9
  • polyethylene pipes for gas supply, 25 through to 630 mm. SDR: 26 through to 9
  • KORSIS PRO two-layer corrugated pipes, 110 through to 1200 mm
  • full set of connection elements
  • polyethylene fittings and adapters
  • welding equipment for GF polyethylene pipe assembly
  • TALIS stop valves
  • ISOPROFLEX, KASAFlEX flexible polymer heat insulated pipes
  • polyethylene pressure pipes with PROTECT protection coating
  • Korsis ARM and Korsis Plus reinforced pipes
  • polyethylene sewage wells
  • PNVC pipes
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