South Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition

The workshop on the topic “Energy-efficient heating technologies” of FERROLI-SERVICE LLP at ShymkentBuild, on March 11-13

The engineering company FERROLI-SERVICE is engaged in designing, selling, installing and servicing of heating equipment (boilers, steam generators, burners) and climate systems, and is a representative of the largest European manufacturers, such as Ferroli, Cib Unigas, Systema. Ferroli-Service LLP is an exclusive representative of Caleffi Company in the Republic of Kazakhstan – a manufacturer of shutoff and control valves, components for heating and water supply systems.

FERROLI-SERVICE LLP has realized more than 8,000 projects in the field of heating and cooling. It provides services for the development of projects of heating, water supply and sewerage, engineering solutions to provide the technological processes with heat and steam. Uninterrupted operation of the equipment is supported with the 24/7 support in the cities of Almaty and Atyrau.

FERROLI-SERVICE offers eco-friendly and economical heating equipment - gas infrared heating elements INFRA designed for heating of premises with high ceilings (production shops, gyms, greenhouses, and poultry farms). Heating technology with the use of emitters allows heating separate areas, concentrating heat at the floor, absence of dust during operation, up to 40% fuel savings and other benefits.

FERROLI-SERVICE manufactures mobile engineering units. We have developed the standard CT 525-1907-12-TOO-03-2011 “Mobile (inventory) boilers with heating efficiency up to 10 MW” and received a manufacturer’s certificate of CT-KZ type.

FERROLI-SERVICE LLP is a team of highly qualified professionals with knowledge and experience, able to carry out “turnkey” projects.

More information about the company's products will be available at the workshop on the topic “Energy-efficient heating technologies FERROLI-SERVICE”, which will be held on March 12, at 12:00 as part of ShymkentBuild in the conference room, booth number 033.

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